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Cannabis Specialist - Shift Lead

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Why this position exists at LUCID:

You are the bridge between the management plan and the tactical execution. You lead, teach and guide your team into success. As the Shift Lead, you ensure all rules and regulations, roles and responsibilities, policies and sops are followed. You are the example, the guide, and the accountability measure in the shop that ensures customers receive the LUCID Experience. You are the face of LUCID.

Probationary Period: 3 months
Performance Review: 3 months / quarterly / annually
Terms of Service: 4-5 days a week, 36+ hrs
Employment Status: Full Time
Compensation: $17 Hourly base rate, plus tips
Benefits: Vacation Days: 10 PTO Days Front Loaded, Sick Pay 40 = 1

Primary Area of Responsibility:

Cash & Inventory Management
Follow all protocols and SOPs
Team Management
Set daily goals and objectives, ensure they are met
Ensure we provide the LUCID Experience to every customer
Inform & Report : Positive news and areas for improvement
Store Operations
Safety of the team and store
Open / Close
State & LUCID compliance
Supervisory Requirements:

Enforce State & LUCID Policy & SOP Compliance
Inform and Report
Shift time clocks
Customer Relations & Resolutions
Disciplinary measures

Goals Requirements:
Build / strengthen your team
Set and execute plan for your team to be successful on each shift
Increase effective productivity in all areas
Behavioral Requirements:

Mentor: You are the guide, you teach/train the hero
Honest: You know yourself and encourage others to do the same
Integral: You are accountable to your position, the authority & responsibilities it holds
Doer: You look for answers, and ways to improve and make it happen
Human: You are forgiving of yourself and others

Work Requirements:
Willing to Learn & Grow
(4) days - Minimum work week - (2) days a week as lead minimum - (2+) supporting team role
(5) days per week minimum availability
LUCID Book Club - Read & Discuss 1 book a month

Required Skills / Abilities:
Google Drive, Docs, Excel, Word, Gmail, Shared Drive
Cash Management
Proficient w/Mac Computers, Zoom, GroupMe

**Signing bonus will be paid after probationary period**'

About the Company

LUCID Cannabis Co. is a recreational and medically endorsed cannabis retailer. Birthed out of medical cannabis in 2012, We have expanded across Washington State into Nevada and Michigan with plans to break into the California, Arizona, and Oklahoma markets by 2024.

We are looking for individuals who play on a team, hustle with a smile and can remain fun under pressure. Our industry is growing at rapid speed. This is where your flexibility and innovation will be a must. We are here to find and serve the needs of our Cannabis Customers.

All applicants must be the minimum age of 21. We will be open 8am to midnight, daily.

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